Mauritian Soul with an Irish Spirit,

meticulously crafting clean spice ingredients for families.

Hand-Made & Hand-Packed In Ireland With Love

| Absolutely NO Nasties |

Spice Devils is a family-run enterprise based in Dublin and headed by Shakeel, a former policeman and 4th Generation biryani maker from Mauritius. Our range of multi award-winning products are freshly milled from roasted whole spices in small batches by Shak himself, and are meticulously crafted into well balanced innovative clean ingredients, bursting with pleasant aromas. 

We specialise in Mauritian Creole blends, bringing a taste of the tropics to the whole World. We ensure our products are used as a supplement in your food without you having to break the bank by keeping things simple and very enjoyable. Most, if not all, of the ingredients that someone will require to prepare a simple tantalising Spice Devils dish are probably already in the pantry, and if not, they'll be readily available at any local grocery store or supermarket.

Our products are versatile in nature and can be used to prepare saucy dishes or simply a marinade or rub for roasting and barbecuing a variety of meats, seafood, or vegetables, the perfect choice to be enjoyed with family and friends on any occasion.

Be part of the family and join us on our #SpiceCraic odyssey.

Need some reasons!

All our products are:

Simple, easy to follow recipe provided

Made from gluten free ingredients

Free from added sugar/salt/additives

Free from starch/thickener, or other nasties

Freshly milled with love using roasted whole spices

Slimmers Friendly (About 5 syns)

Versatile - Can be used for saucy dishes or as marinade for BBQ's and Roasts