Spice Devils Corporate Social Responsibility

We owe the community and the planet, so let's do something for both. Spice Devils has adopted three initiatives, the #SmileProject, community engagement and poverty/hunger alleviation and UGLIE, a B2B project to help reduce food waste.


Spice Devils Poverty/Hunger Alleviation Initiative

We are very happy to be supporting World Vision Ireland by sponsoring 2 year old Jovan from Uganda. The sponsorship will go towards helping World Vision provide Jovan access to clean water, nutritious food, education and a safe & hopeful future. As a family-owned micro enterprise, it is part of Spice Devils ethos to do business while not forgetting to give back and help alleviate poverty and hunger in a world where hardship is common. I am so lucky to have been welcomed by a great country that is Ireland and it's warm people, but many don't get that opportunity.


Spice Devils Community Engagement Initiative

Spice Devils hereby pledge to make a difference in people's lives by bringing smile to a face.

Our commitment towards the community:

Once a month, we randomly select and walk in a supermarket in the Republic of Ireland and contribute €50 towards a random customer's grocery shopping at the till of that store. It is our way of thanking by giving back to the community who actively supports us. We have already decided to make our appearance in a particular chain of stores which have been recognised as the best supporters of Irish producers.

The simple gesture of helping someone towards their grocery shopping also means the lucky customer gets to spend in the local Store, hence, supporting other local businesses in the same go. According to the Irish Small and Medium Enterprises Association (ISME), every €10 spent locally on Irish products generates €24 of benefit to the local community and 45 cents of every Euro spent is reinvested locally in comparison to only 15 cents for the foreign multiples. Simply put, with Spice Devils' €50 giveaway spent locally on Irish products, €120 worth of benefits are generated for the local community and €12 is reinvested locally, not to mention an alleviation of €50 for a family on their grocery bill.

Being an Irish brand, Spice Devils is a strong local supporter as well and actively works with that in mind. Without our lovely Patrons, we wouldn't exist and it is our pleasure to put a smile to someone's face


Operation planned for 2016

UGLIE has been set up as a side venture of Spice Devils and is a fun project to save ugly but perfectly edible fresh fruits from being dumped because large retailers wouldn't stock them. Considering the millions who are starving worldwide, it is an absolute disgrace to allow tons of fruits to be thrown away daily, just because they are ugly or do not match the shape/size specifications of retailers.

I am hoping to start operation in 2016, initially covering the Dublin area, and slowly expanding to other Irish Counties in the medium to long term. Any businesses operating in Dublin are most welcome to get in touch for more information.